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Twisted Mystery Writer​​

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About The Twisted Mystery Writer

What do you want to know?​​
I have written under many names and personas. Some think me to be male, others; female.  Who and what I am, as far as simple demographics go,
is unimportant.  What is  important is that you understand what I am about  and why I write this blog.

I’m fascinated with the mysteries of true crime and the criminal mind.  The criminal mind is foreign to me, in that I cannot relate to it.  I’m compelled to examine those persons who feel it's "okay" to victimize others. It is NOT okay. Here I explore both criminal acts and those of social dysfunction, and I do so using twisted humor. And curse words.

I hope to make you think. I hope to help you learn. I hope to make you laugh, as laughter is my weapon when exploring the subject matter that I do.  Enjoy.
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